DISCLAIMER High-Risk Investment Warning:

Forex trading on margin holds the level of risk and may even not be perfect for all traders. The leverage can perform against you and also for you. Before choosing to trade foreign exchange, you need to think of your investment goals and objectives, degree experience, and risk appetite.

The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your initial investment and therefore you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. You should be aware of all the risks associated with foreign exchange trading, and seek advice from an independent financial advisor if you have any doubts.

Trades that are not counted or not allowed or abuse of trading in result nill and void of trading ac.  You must not instruct us to submit an Order to enter into a Transaction which would breach or cause us or any other person to breach the Act,the Governing Legislation or any other laws including, without limitation, any law or the Rules in relation to:

(a) market manipulation, false trading, market rigging, fictitious transactions, black-box trading, high-frequency trading, scalping, wash trading or matching of Orders;

(b) creating a disorderly market or otherwise prejudicing the integrity or efficiency of the market, or

(c) misleading or deceptive conduct.

(d) When you open a Buy Transaction, the Opening Level will be the higher price quoted by us for the Transaction and when you open a Sell The transaction, the Opening Level will be the lower price quoted by us for the Transaction if there is a chance of glitch or software error may cause during the server error / pre-market hours market may be shown different price from the real price thus leads to the trader to enter Buy or Sell which favors the pre-market orders.

(e) The order which opened and closed within 3 minutes of profit which is not entailed or allowed

(f) High-Frequency Trades, Arbitrage Trades, Latency trades which are not allowed’ which can be from same trading account or different trading account within multiple entries which who seeks favors for profits which is not allowed.

(g) Stale Trading: In order to ensure the stability of the Schatz markets platforms and products, we define “Stale Trading” as a method traders use where they open and close trades within few seconds or 60 seconds whichever is earlier. Schatz Markets considers these trades abusive and does not allow these trades on its platforms and products. Should Stale Trades occur in your account, Schatz Markets reserves the right to cancel them immediately.

(h) MisQuotes: We have an agency execution model and automatically cover all client positions by executing brokers and liquidity providers. Although we mitigate the risk of invalid price feeds reaching clients through utilizing a price aggregation system which generates a price from multiple liquidity providers. There are rare occasions where the price can become “skewed”. In such rare instances, if orders are filled at that price, we reserve the right to reverse orders where misquote occurred. We will investigate these cases and notify the client via e-mail or telephone that trades are cancelled. We will always check to ensure that the reversal does not generate an unintended position. If the order is executed and subsequently reversed to open a position, any subsequent orders closing this position would also be reversed leaving the net P&L at zero, this way the client will not be disadvantaged by this reversal due to our invalid price delivery.