When was
SCHATZ Markets

The SCHATZ Markets was initially launched in 2016 with a unique vision to provide unparalleled superior trading conditions, advanced education and state-of-the-art trading tools in the forex industry.

Who we are?

SCHATZ Markets is an award-winning forex and commodities broker, delivering trading services and facilities to retail clients as well as institutional clients. By using, the policy of providing the most compelling trading factors to their clients and granting scalpers and traders using specialist advisors for free access to its pay off, SCHATZ Markets have placed entirely as the forex broker of options for traders globally.

Join with us and become bull rather
being bear.

Why Schatz Markets

Broking service along with an esteemed heritage.

Fast and simple clientele creation.

Absolute diet thin Spreads.

Vast selection of trading tools.

Constancy and reliability.

Schatz Ideals

Our ideals are the path we continuously attain our Goal.

Amaze our clients via our intense service.

Be devote and resolute.

Manage colleagues and clients with high respect alike.

Consider customer opinions with immense evaluation.

Construct an optimistic crew.

Always be responsible and Converse efficiently.

Operate and adopt innovation.

Accept responsibility for our behavior.

What we deliver

SCHATZ Markets will offer you different account types, trading platforms, and utilities to allow individuals and institutional clients to trade Forex and Derivatives over the internet. All Retail, Affiliates, and Schatz clients hold the chance to connect with different moves and liquidity through advanced smart trading platforms. SCHATZ Markets have an extra ordinarily wide variety of account choices that clients can decide to access a customized trading experience that completely matches their requirements. SCHATZ Markets offer all the necessary tools and services required for clients of almost any stage to understand their trading goal.


Trusted all around the World